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Our NuH2O all natural premium alkaline spring water is bottled only at our springs located in Maryland. The use of these springs dates back to the early 1700’s by the English settlers and the Native Americans. Our spring water originates from one of the highest quality bedrock aquifers (Cockeysville Marble) in the country. The calcium-rich aquifers are capable of storing and generating vast amounts of naturally pure, fresh spring water through naturally formed fractures and solution cavities. Our spring water naturally blends the perfect minerals, which results in the best tasting, highest quality water on the market. The natural spring water flows directly from underground, is collected in a stainless steel tank, and then pumped into stainless steel holding tanks for bottling. The
natural spring water is never touched by human hands, thus eliminating a source for contamination.

PH Balance
NuH2O Water is Naturally Alkaline, which means our waters pH is in a stable state ranging from 7.8 - 8.2. The reason our water is naturally Alkaline is because our rare and unique underground spring source is Naturally Alkaline. The mineral properties of our water are not artificially manipulated since we add nothing and remove nothing from our water. This ensures NuH2O Water remains in its purest state bringing you only the best All Natural Alkaline Premium Spring Water that there is.

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